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PDM – Product Data Management

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Data Management


Data management is the administrative process by which data is acquired, validated, stored, protected, and processed, and by which its accessibility, reliability, and timeliness is ensured to satisfy the needs of the data users.  File management for Your company’s engineering data will be managed using SolidWorks Product Data Management (PDM) software.


What are the different types of properties? (CustomProperty, PRPSheet, PRP, SW-XXXX, Variables)

Where are they found? (SolidWorks File>Properties, CustomProperty Builder, EPDM Add-in>Show Properties) (EPDM Data Card, BOMs, Right Click Menu) (BOM Tables)

What are they used for?


The vault has a single library folder which holds all of the common, approved components for all to use. After a file has been approved for use in the library, it automatically gets moved to the appropriate library folder.

The Library also holds all of the template files referenced in various areas such as:

  • SolidWorks File Locations
  • Treehouse Templates
  • Document Templates (Non-SolidWorks)

There are many libraries available to download online apart from the standard, default templates and files. We’ve copied all of the default installed templates and files as well as all the downloads we could find (Electrical and Weldment Profiles from DW) and critiqued them to fit our library needs.

Insert process for users to download content and request part to be added to the library:



Drawing formats and Signature blocks were defined based-upon the Drawing Requirements Manual 10th Ed. (2000) published by Global Engineering Documents.


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